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Managed Web Hosting: Liquid Web vs Nexcess

Managed web hosting Liquid Web vs Nexcess

Liquid Web and Nexcess both are leading managed hosting and managed application hosting providers in the industry. Both these hosting providers are owned by the same Liquid Web Team while independently serving different hosting services. 

If we look deep into these providers, we can clearly see; Liquid Web has a strong portfolio of managed hosting and managed application services. On another hand, Nexcess has a strong portfolio as the managed web hosting provider for eCommerce platforms. 

So, they provide almost the same services. And it’s difficult to differentiate between Liquid Web and Nexcess for new users. Also, their websites contain almost the same packages & services and sometimes different pricing. This leads to confusion about whether to choose liquid web over Nexcess and vice versa.

So, today in this article I will explain Liquid Web and Nexcess hosting platform’s core services, differences, and similarities along with which one to choose depending upon the user requirement

Liquid Web and Nexcess Hosting platform Similarities

  • Both platforms are own and operated under the Liquid Web Family of Brands.
  • Both provide managed hosting services.
  • Both are industry leaders in managed hosting services.
  • Both of them provide excellent support from different channels.
  • Sometimes both contain exactly the same package and redirects to the same service at the end.

This means users don’t have to worry much about the platform of choice between them as both are excellent platforms and most of the time they will be redirected to the same services.

But each platform has special features that others don’t have. And, knowing differences between each other resolves the confusion that may arise when looking into the website package.

Liquid Web – Optimized for Managed Cloud & Web Hosting

  • Liquid Web provides generalized managed hosting services.
  • Main services are related to Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Servers, Cloud Dedicated Servers, HIPPA Compliant Servers hosting.
  • It mainly targets medium and large enterprises.
  • Liquid Web provides service and support on server administration, including hardware, network, operating system, and pre-installed software support, security patches and updates, and service monitoring and restoration. But, no responsibility for the application area.
  • User get servers with LAMP setup with choosen Control panel like InterWorx, Plesk Web, or cPanel.

Nexcess – Optimized for Managed Content & eCommerce Hosting

  • Nexcess provides specialized managed web hosting for content and eCommerce platforms. 
  • Main services are related to WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento platform hosting.
  • It mainly targets small and medium enterprises.
  • Nexcess provides support in the application areal in addition to server administration, hardware management, network management, OS, security patches, updates, and proactive service monitoring and restoration.
  • Additionally, Nexcess also serves WordPress bundles WPQuickStart; Membership Sites & StoreBuilder.
  • Users get ready to use Web Services with choosen application installed. (WordPress, Magento, Drupal )

What is the difference between Managed WordPress Hosting packages between Liquid Web and Nexcess?

Both of these packages are exactly the same. Sometimes there may be a price difference between Liquid Web and Nexcess due to the discount and offers other than that both are the same.

Currently, Nexcess is focusing on managed hosting for applications/CMS like WordPress, Magento, and more. So, Managed WordPress Hosting is provided by Nexcess, and the package listed on Liquid Web is the same package from Nexcess. 

When the user proceeds to checkout in Liquid Web for Managed WordPress Hosting, it redirects to the Nexcess website.

This goes the same for Managed WooCommerce, Magento Cloud.

Which hosting should I choose between Liquid Web and Nexcess?

Liquid Web provides managed hosting for any common service however Nexcess is focused on managed web hosting for content & eCommerce platforms.

If you are a small enterprise with limited resources and don’t want to take risk of managing a Server, CMS, or eCommerce platform then Managed hosting from Nexcess is what you need.

And, if you are a Medium or Large Enterprise looking for a stable system generally LAMP but want more flexibility in managing coding or application area then Managed Hosting from Liquid Web is what you need.

Liquid Web vs Nexcess Main Services Explained

Liquid Web vs Nexcess Main Services Explained

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If you have any confusion on selecting a hosting service between Liquid Web and Nexcess or any topics on this Nil blog, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. You can also reach me on Twitter.

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