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How to Improve Client Communication in WordPress and Web Design? [Detail Steps]

Every time you buys an online product, the first thing you check is the previous client’s feedback, ratings, and review of the product.

Similarly, when you sell a product, you always look for clear and detailed client feedback so that you can improve your product and business. Feedback helps to improve customer relationships by understanding a client’s issue and pain point.

This applies to both online and offline products. Here, let’s talk about how you can effectively get client’s feedback and improve customer communication in WordPress and design project.

To engage the user in your product, there must be back and forth dialogue between you and the user on a time-to-time basis.

However, the already existing feedback-taking mechanism doesn’t provide a full-fledged solution to our unique need in WordPress and Design development.

And, you may have already guessed from the title that the unique requirement in design and development projects is addressed by WordPress Feedback Plugin, namely Project Huddle.

Before discussing how Project Huddle works and how to set it up, you should be aware of the other method, its pros, and cons, & when should you look for new solutions like Project Huddle.

Different options to collect client feedback

There are several way to communicate with client to understand their need, all them has different advantage and disadvantage over other. Depending on your business size, distance, project size, you should choose the best option.

Phone call and Meeting

The best and most effective way to understand client’s pain point is direct meeting if possible but it add extra overhead of travel time and cost which is not beneficial on project that requires continuous feedback and improvement.
Even phone call is amazing to understand to the point specific query, again on visual project that requires both parties in same page may not work well.   

Live chat and video

Live chat and video solves the common problem you face on normal phone call and meeting. This does eliminate travel time require in in person meeting and can easily share visual and design with each other. However, it won’t be practical to have video chat every hour or day on each feedback.  

Email & Message

Email & message is one of the oldest, most popular and common communication channel in digital world in terms of personal as well as business use. It is an easy and quick approach to getting comments.
Also, it provide flexibility on communication as each party can share their information whenever they are free and another party can access that information on their time.
However, due to its nature of asynchronous communication and text based, its become difficult to manage all query on large project.

Feedback Form

This is almost same as email but with one additional benefit as feedback forms can be easily incooperated into the website. This makes easy for client to report whenever they like to feedback in the project. And, we can easily extract reporting page and other data from the client feedback form system.

Project Management System

This helps to make sure that clients are informed about project progress and that their input is gathered promptly. It makes it simpler to control customer expectations and guarantee that projects are completed to their satisfaction. However, it still lacks real time communication and becomes costly in terms of system and resource management for small business.

Direct feedback using a plugin

We already understand not single method doesn’t work for all business and all time. What if we have a system that combines benefit of all above feedback mechanism and still is light weight, affordable and easy to manage. Ok, you guessed it, ProjectHuddle has all these merits while being affordable for small to large business.


ProjectHuddle Client Feedback Plugin

ProjectHuddle is WordPress Plugin that helps you to collect client feedback on WordPress and any design project like you are directly talking on your whiteboard.

It provides a sticky note-style feedback system. The client can visit the live project URL and review the project. They can point out what and where they want changes just by clicking on that point.

Whenever client clicks on the website a feedback form pops out and they can write feedback related to that area right there, can mention the developer, and even include the screenshot. Multiple stakeholders can comment on the same thread.

And on the business side, you will get exactly the same popup on design, aggregate dashboard, respond to each feedback, and can mark when that particular problem is solved.

How to set up ProjectHuddle?

  • After completing the purchase, you will get an email with instructions to get started and login detail.
  • Now, login to Project Huddle Dashboard and go to the download tab. You will get the main plugin and two addons to support File upload and PDF mockup.
  • Download Project huddle and install and activate it on your WordPress Website.
  • After activating the plugin, the setup is straightforward.
  • Then add your client project URL as Website or Mockup on the Project huddle dashboard.
  • Now, you will have to install another plugin or script on the client site to connect your website with the client website. [Client side plugin is available in WordPress org as ProjectHuddle Client site. You can copy the script presented on your Projecthuddle dashboard earlier and use it in WordPress or any Web project. ]
  • After that go back to your main website and connect and copy the URL presented in the screen.
  • Now, share the Project Access Link with your client and you are ready for smooth client feedback and communication.

You can learn more detail about Project Huddle and how to setup in this video:

What is ProjectHuddle?

Project Huddle is a WordPress plugin to collect feedback website & design feedback. It helps to get targeted feedback from clients on web designs.

Is ProjectHuddle only works for WordPress?

No, ProjectHuddle works on any website and design related project. It has two part: main dashboard for businesses as plugin that is only installed on WordPress. And, ProjectHuddle Client that can be installed on any project to provide feedback.

How much does ProjectHuddle cost?

ProjectHuddle has three pricing plan:
Regular Annual plan: It cost $109 and provides core features and support for one year.
Professional Annual Plan: It cost $ 139 and provides all feature and supports for one year.
Ultimate Lifetime Plan: It cost $599 and provides all features and unlimited use for lifetime.

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